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Building a foundation for future Coders

One Class at a Time!

we live for the light bulb moment
We live for the

light bulb moment,

One Question at a Time!

Taking over the world with technology

Making the world

One student at a time!

a better place

Virtual Classes with Engaging Teachers

Virtual classes go beyond the instruction of any camp or after school setting. These classes are designed for parents who know their students deserve the very best education in coding. The education is robust and will take a student from novice to expert. Virtual Classes are soon becoming the world’s most savvy way for any student to learn. Binary Thumb offers Virtual Classrooms with engaging teachers that structures lesson plans to fit the needs of each student.  Students are able to learn at ease in an environment without the distractions of a traditional classroom setting. Classrooms allow students  a 6:1 (student to teacher) ratio. Throughout the material , they  receive individualized support they need to understand the information. In these sessions, inquiry and exploration of the lesson are encouraged so that students not only learn the material, but MASTER it. Mastery is key in the world of technology because companies are looking for employees who aren’t just problem solvers but also creators and innovators. Binary Thumb provides Virtual Classes that can fit you and your schedule regardless if you live in the Metropolitan Atlanta area or any where else in  the world. So skip the traffic, save on gas, pocket your travel expenses, and sign your student up with Binary Thumb’s Virtual Classes! Very Cool!

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